” Quand je vois la vie en rooose …”

Rose Ruby Chicorée

Our dear Edith Piaf just has to stand up to the current culinary craze around the color Rose! Since Pantone has elected Miss Rose Quartz as the color of the year 2016, the trend continues to grow, right down to our plates!

A few months ago, the pastry chefs and chocolatiers made the official meeting of the third type. We already knew him black, milk, (white, but that does not matter, is not it!) And here it is … in pink! The chocolate created by Barry Callebaut, a Swiss chocolatier, is a buzz in the food industry. Indeed, since its announcement, the interest is growing: the youngest are racing on social networks, while professionals want to diversify their range by creating the buzz. A partnership was concluded between the chocolatier and the giant Nestlé. Together, they launch the Ruby Kit Kat for the Japanese and South Korean markets. The success is such that Nestlé announced this Tuesday, April 10, the launch of Kit Kat on the European market. Attention, we are not talking about the Kit Kat mini Raspberry already available to the Japanese, but indeed the first Kit Kat Swiss chocolate Ruby! So, happy?

And do not panic! For the lucky ones who have (already) too much abused of it, we found the way to console you! For the “healthiest” of you, you will be seduced by the Rosa Del Veneto. This chicory plant comes from Italy, and more precisely, from the region of Venice. Its photogenic features and its pretty pink ribbed white color create a perfect aesthetic harmony! The restaurants in London and New York were inspired by the Lady. With the beautiful days ahead, we can concoct a little freshness: cooked raw, salad, she will marry very well with radishes, grapefruit, and small fresh shrimps! Any other suggestions?

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La Rosa di Verona

We admit it: we’re salivating (a lot!) in front of this beautiful pastel pink tone! And if it can help someone to eat green … or pink in this case! In the meantime, our fluffy chicory inspires in the creation, not only in gastronomy, but also in textile! So, I say, why not! 🤩

It remains to be seen how far the inspiration will go … With us, you can dare! The wacky, the amazing, the original, the funny, the shy, the beginner, the regular … everyone can share their inspirations! 😎

So, as Cristina would say …

Ready, Set ? Sew! 😉


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