Our concept

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Our concept

Discover what fashion means to us

Do you know that ?

1 %
of you

want to participate in the design of the biggest brands.

1 %

of you consider that they really can.

For a fairer participatory concept

We are the first premium participative fashion brand to offer products designed with you ! Design your next leather handbag or your future hype wallet, write your article on our blog or share your fashion tutorial … On our participatory platform, submit your ideas to the community: win in recognition, and collect your reward!


Share your article to the community on the theme of your choice, and receive a reward on your next purchase !


Share the drawing of your creation or a prototype that you have made yourself, to the community. Become our creator: our Raux Star ! Earn recognition from the community and be rewarded for your contribution !


Share your DIY tutorial, tips & tricks, to the community, and receive a reward on your next purchase!

How does it work ?


Become our creator, our Raux Star !


Share your ideas by submitting drawings of your creation or prototypes that you have already made yourself. Submit your ideas to the community, gain recognition and harvest your reward !


The community votes and preorders its favorites. She has the power to elect you as the next creator, our future Raux Star!


If you are elected by the community as our creator, our Raux Star, we take in charge the production of your idea until delivery ! To reward your contribution, you receive a share of these sales without any stress !

Dare !

Zero constraint,
just try!

Passionate about creation? Simply submit your prototypes or drawings whatever your level of expertise! And let our teams and the community take in charge the next steps !

Estimate your winnings on your creative idea

Unit price :

Number of sales :

What you receive :

With tranquility !

Create your chance


By sharing your most creative ideas with the community, you join a creative community, from any level of expertise, looking for recognition, innovation and change !

100 % secure

The creative financing model is based on the principle of "all or nothing". The creations must reach a minimum number of pre-orders and votes over a defined period.

Nos clients ne seront débités que lorsque ce nombre est atteint !

An opportunity for everyone

Our participative concept is a chance for all enthusiasts and creative people : together, we can develop a social, human and more just dimension through co-creation and to those who deserve it so much but who lack recognition ! Our concept creates beautiful stories.

" You can see your life or others' changed ! "

Sabine cercle
Founder, Andrée Raux