Sabine Andrée Raux

Sabine Andrée Raux

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Sabine Andrée


Andrée Raux

French 🇲🇫

Leather Goods / Textile

A few words about you ?

I have always been interested in art and design. I also was some years of studies in this area before continuing in the business sector. I followed a major in Luxury and Distribution. I had a strong desire to undertake a project that would bring these two sectors together around a common theme that is close to my heart: the co-creation. Because I have a great interest in the human relationship, I am convinced that the best ideas emerge from a community rather than from one person. That’s why I chose to create an eponym brand around a social and participative fashion. I want to see a brand that offers a great proximity between the brand and its customers. A warm atmosphere, a touch of exuberance, unique creations, all that, through a brand animated by curious and passionate enthusiasts … In short terms, creating the first social and participative fashion brand identity : young, creative, connected and human !

Your inspirations?

The first line of products of the brand is designed on a range of Women’s bags. The brand is also diversifying with accessories for men and women, such as belts and other items 😉 They were designed to be both elegant, practical and minimalist, by their design with geometric lines.