• Do you have the soul of a writer or do you want to share something that touches fashion from near or far? Submit your article in the BLOG section of the menu, or complete the form provided for this purpose.
  • You are manual, you want to share your tips and tricks or your creation ultra easy to achieve? Submit your fashion tutorial in the DIY section of the home page, or complete the form provided for this purpose.
  • Do you want to see your dream creation comme true ? But you have neither the time nor the money to take in charge the production, communication, stocks, logistics, delivery … Don’t worry ! We take care of everything ! To become our next creator, our future Raux Star, go to the page Our creators or complete the form provided for this purpose.

To join your tutorial with media photos and / or videos, we recommend :

  • To work on a clean and clear space to make the reading of your tutorial as pleasant as possible. For example, be sure you have a neutral background or support (ex: a white wall, a tidy and organized workspace).
  • If you wish to include a voice-over, we advise you to self-register with a material provided for this purpose (microphone, hide-pop). The sound quality is essential to understand your tutorial.
  • To use a tripod to ensure a stable picture.

You have submitted your idea of ​​creation (textile or leather goods). In case the minimum required pre-order rate has been reached on your creation:

  • You do not worry about any formality. Administrative, production, communication, storage, logistics, customs and delivery: We take in charge everything!
  • You receive a percentage of the sales of your idea (like royalties) :
    • 5% of turnover if your proposed creation is in the form of a semi-finished prototype (ex: You want to create a leather handbag but you do not have leather at home, then you produce your creation with salvaged fabrics or some old shirts from your boyfriend?).
    • 2% of turnover if your proposed creation is in the form of a drawing or a 3D image. Feasibility study requiring more research and exploration for our prototyping workshop.
  • You become our creator: our Raux Star, and gain recognition from the brand and its community!
  • You are satisfied that your idea has pleased and have lived an unique experience with the brand by collaborating with it!

DIY (Do It Yourself) is an alternative mode of consumption, which consists of making one’s own creation. Designing your own idea allows you to customize a product, choose its material and colors, to create a unique product that suits you. DIY is the opportunity to test and invent new creative ideas. DIY is possible, economical and simpler than you think! So, whether you’re a fan or more experienced, indulge in DIY and bring your most creative ideas to our community!